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Get Rid of Musty, Moldy Odors

7/28/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is always around. It exists inside and outside, it floats on the air, and it grows on many types of surfaces. It has been on the Earth and in Salt Lake City, UT, for millions of the years and will grow wherever there's moisture. Mold spores enters buildings through windows, open doors, vents, and on clothing, pets, and items carried inside. Mold spores will begin to grow and colonize when they come into contact with areas of moisture, such as:

• Older windows
• Leaky roofs
• Around doors
• Wet pipes
• Behind wallpaper

You may not see the mold, but you may be alerted by its presence by a musty odor caused by the release of mycotoxin and gases.

Remove Moisture to Reduce Odors.

It is difficult, but not impossible, to get rid of those bad smells. The first step is getting rid of the cause of mold growth and the spread of mycotoxin. You may need to call in a mold remediation expert to locate the source of moisture, especially if it is the result of a cracked foundation or leaks in the attic. If you don't address the moisture problem, you won't be able to contain the growth of mold.

Dry and Disinfect Problem Areas. 

Sometimes, drying out the area isn't enough to get rid of the musty odor. You may also need to thoroughly clean the affected area. Before trying to treat these areas with homemade treatments, discuss your options with a professional. Some well-known DIY treatments aren't as effective as they seem. Professionals in Salt Lake City, UT, may use HEPA air filtration devices when cleaning up mold.

Leave Odors in the Past.

Once the area has been treated appropriately, there are several steps you can take to keep mold and musty smells at bay. Fresh, circulating air and plenty of sunshine are two of the most effective ways to reduce odors. Some minerals and substances, such as zeolite and activated charcoal, are also effective at absorbing odors. Remember, however, that none of these methods will be adequate if you haven't resolved the moisture at the heart of the problem.

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