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There's Mold Damage at Home: What Do I Do?

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

There's Mold Damage at Home: What Do I Do?

Anyone who finds mold at home, signs of mold at home, or goes through any form of flooding must call for professional mold remediation and mitigation right away. It’s a job that must be handled professionally as it’s never safe to attempt DIY mold removal at any level. Experience, knowledge, and the proper equipment is what’s required to deal with mold damage. Mold damage of any kind requires professional mold removal every time.

Is There Mold in the Home Or Commercial Mold Damage Present?

Commercial mold damage as well as mold in the home are both very real problems. Some people have no idea there is mold growth in a building, and that’s even more dangerous. One of the biggest problems is mold growth behind walls because it often takes weeks or even months to discover. Mold growth behind walls is not evident, doesn’t provide much evidence of its presence, and it might take a smelly odor no amount of deodorization will remove.

Home and business owners use deodorization to handle all kinds of smelly odor issues in buildings. When deodorization doesn’t work permanently to get rid of musty smells, it’s likely a sign of mold growth behind walls. The smelly odor is often the first piece of evidence, and the lack of effectiveness from deodorization is disturbing. Anyone who suspects there is mold growth behind walls at home or work must call for professional mold removal immediately.

Another way to determine if mold is in the home is through the presence of mildew or another fungus. Mildew grows very similarly to mold, and mildew might indicate this fungus could also be present. Mildew needs the kind of hot air and moist environment fungus such as mold needs, and that’s why mildew shouldn’t be ignored.

Dry rot indicates the possibility of mold, too. Dry rot requires moisture to set into surfaces without any help, and it means moisture is present. If moisture is present long enough to allow dry rot to set it, mold growth is probably an issue. Aside from dry rot, leaks and floods are also indicative of mold damage in need of a restoration company to come take a look.

Anyone questioning whether there is mold in the home or commercial mold damage at work should check for dry rot, fungus, mildew, black mold, a smelly odor, and they must take note when deodorization efforts fail. They must also forgo any attempt to remove mold on their own.

Health Risks Associated with Mold in the Home

There are a few reasons no one should try mold removal on their own. The use of a professional restoration company is required for both mitigation and remediation. When mold is ignored, it can cause health issues. It takes very little time to grow and spread, and mold in large quantities is often toxic. It causes breathing issues, it is bad for those people living with asthma and/or allergies, and it can cause health problems in addition to that.

Professional remediation and mitigation is not a suggestion. Professional remediation and mitigation is required. Do not attempt to ever remove mold without the help of professionals, as it can make it spread more rapidly. Never disturb mold spores because they only grow faster and move more quickly.

How to Handle Commercial Mold Damage or Mold at Home

If anyone notices mold growth in the home or commercial mold damage, take the overly cautious route and assume it’s toxic black mold. Call a restoration company to discuss mitigation and remediation, and promptly shut down the HVAC system. Mold spores in the air are more easily spread from room to room through the HVAC system.

If mold damage hasn’t occurred but a flood has, get the water out immediately. Call a water restoration company for this, and get the job done right away. It's best to assume any mold growth is toxic black mold and handle it with care. It takes mold less than three days to spread rapidly, and it’s dangerous. It might not be black mold that’s a problem, but even regular mold has the opportunity to become toxic. Do not clean mold without help, and do not try to get rid of mold without professionals present.
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