Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Park City Basement Flooded and Mold Growth

Water coming from a leaking foundation is why this family had to call for an emergency mitigation company to respond in the middle of the night and begin cleanu... READ MORE

Storm Damage and Invasive Cleanup

Storm damage really gave these homeowners a bad day. They didn't realize that flooding was going to take so much Time and effort to have cleaned up. The damage ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Park City, UT

This beautiful view in Park City needed our help after the storms caused the flooding through the windows. The seals had eroded over time causing water to leak ... READ MORE

Flooded Garage in Little Cottonwood, Utah

Spring showers bring a flooded garage to this unsuspecting homeowner. The water came in under the garage door causing seepage into the drywall and garage conten... READ MORE

Home Flooded in Recent Storm

This flooded mechanical room was the result of a severe rainstorm causing homes in the Salt Lake area to flood. The flooring of this basement was saturated with... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Sugar House

During a recent storm this home in Sugar House suffered roof damage. This area at times suffers microbursts that down trees and lift shingles. Part of the roof ... READ MORE