Storm Damage Photo Gallery

What is a flood cut?

When your Salt Lake City or Park City home has been flooded from outside water, it merits a flood cut. The cut is 12 inches from where the water line of the flood happened. We use a flood cut to make sure any contaminated items are out of the home.

Ice Dam Caused Mold and Water Damage

This home has been damaged by an ice dam. The water melts on the house side but cannot run off because of the ice dam on the other side. The water then finds its way into the home through the seam in the brick.

Salt Lake City Utah Disaster Cleanup

Flooding in this home meant removing all the wood flooring. Flood water is contaminated and anything that is porous is removed. When you need disaster cleanup services, give us a call. We're here to help.

Park City Weather Problems

The seals on this home had eroded over time. The water and snow from storms had made their way into the home through the windows. The carpet and pad were soaked and needed to be replaced after sitting all weekend.

Ready For Whatever Happens

No matter what happens or when it happens, you can be sure that our team is equipped and ready to handle it. If your home or business experiences a storm damage loss, give us a call.

Damaged Ceiling From Storms

The roof of this home was damaged during storms and rainwater began to get into the home. When the ceiling became saturated with water, this was the result. If this happens to you, give us a call.